API Busters

API Busters

A no-nonsense podcast about APIs, HTTP, service-orientated architecture, Internet of Things, etc.

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    Why Hypermedia

    Brett Florio and Luke Stokes from FoxyCart join Grace and Phil to chat hypermedia. Not pie in the sky "maybe talk", but how their clients actually use it, and the benefits it's given them.

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    Chatting to API Blueprint

    Adam Kliment and Emmanuel Paraskakis from Apiary join Phil and Grace to talk about building API Blueprint, Dredd, and the recent take-over by Oracle.

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    Let's Get This Party Started

    Phil and Grace get started with a natter about reptiles, a chinwag about heavy metal, and a gossip about the office. Now you know who they both are, they get a little into GraphQL, and some of the joys of writing massive migration scripts to port data from one application to another.